We have the tools to process close tolerance precision formed parts. The Amada press is one of the most accurate forming presses in the world. Your setup is done very quickly using the computer controlled gauging system. Multi-staging of various flange lengths and widths is common practice. The result is a precision formed part in short order. Our machines have 100 ton capacity and can form up to 10 feet long. It's the latest in technology with full CNC control. All tooling used in the press in precision ground to +or- .0002"

Solid Works

Sheet Metal

Here at J-Mark Manufacturing, Inc. we use high precision Murata Weidemann C3000 punch presses. This affords us the ability to work with sheets up to 50” x 100” using only one reposition. J-Mark possesses a large selection of Mate™ 112, 114 and Marathon style tooling. Our tooling inventory contains a large selection of clusters, lances, embosses, and extruders.

Special shapes are no problem. As well we use hybrid C02 Mitsubishi Lasers. The 2512HC allows us the ability to process a sheet size of 4’ X 8’ and a 1/4 inch thick steel. These two hybrid lasers produce complex components cost effectively and with the greatest degree of accuracy.