J-Mark building

J-Mark Manufacturing, Inc is a high end producer of superior fabricated sheet metal products, precision machined products, and assemblies, utilizing the latest in advanced machinery, and system.

Requirements for CAD Files

There are many options for sending files to J-Mark Manufacturing, Inc.
- Via e-mail, send the file to mark@j-markmfg.com
- A floppy disk, ZIP disk, CD, (FTP site), that are IBM compatible

To provide our customers with the most accurate parts and expedited service, all CAD files must have either an attachment file or provide notes with the following information:

  • We have the capabilities of reading all SolidWorks (which is preferred), AutoCAD, Cadkey, IGES, Parasolid, Step, Sal, and DXF.

  • A part and/or assembly files are preferred when sending SolidWorks files.  2-D files, drawings, should be sent in a DXF, AutoCAD, and DWG or Cadkey format.

  • Silkscreen files are preferred in Coral Draw, but can be received in AutoCAD or DXF.  All colors must be separate layers and on different file from the part file.

  • Hardware drawn the CAD files are preferred.  Holes for hardware should be drawn to the spec that the hardware requires for installation.  Hardware type, the manufacturer, location and the side the installation should be on.  Also if rivets are to be used, indicate type to be used and from what side to be installed.

  • All parts list for assemblies should include file name, part number, revision level and the description.

  • If there is not a need for bend radii to be different, all bends should have the same radius.  This will make it easier for us to give you an accurate part.  Bend radii not specified will be .03 or .09 depending on material thickness.  Bend reliefs not shown on CAD files will be left to our discretion.  If an arc is drawn for a bend, it must be tangent to the flange plane.

  • Must have the material thickness, type of material and specification.  For an example: 0.060 5052-H32 aluminum.

  • Requirements for finishing: Paint (liquid or powder coat), plating (anodize, oxide,etc.), silkscreen.